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  • Alexis Esseltine
    Alexis Esseltine
    Co-Owner, Tin Whistle Brewing Co.

    In a COVID-19 pivot that dreams are made of, wife and husband duo Alexis Esseltine and Timothy Scoon became owners of Tin Whistle Brewing on October 30, 2020 after losing their jobs at the onset of the global pandemic. Alexis Esseltine is the environmental lead for Tin Whistle Brewing. She brings years of experience as an Environmental Auditor, auditing manufacturers in North America, Europe, and Asia, and most recently she was the Sustainability Manager at the Vancouver Aquarium leading them to Canada’s Greenest Employers status. She has been recognized as a Clean 50 Emerging Leader for outstanding contributions to sustainable development and clean capitalism in Canada, and has earned a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her community involvement. Alexis has a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University and a Bachelors of Technology from Ryerson University. As a carbon neutral brewery Tin Whistle Brewing removes the same amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that it emits in their operations. This is done by reducing emissions and investing in projects that absorb carbon, including forest projects in B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest.


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Nov 08 2022


10:45 am - 11:30 am


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Microbreweries: a Force for Environmental Good.

Beer, like all products, has an impact on the natural world whether it’s through the raw materials grown and transported to our facilities, the energy, water and waste generated in production, or the packages used to ship beer to wholesale and the consumer. The good news is that breweries can continue to make great beer, and reduce their environmental impact. Join, Alexis Esseltine, co-owner of Tin Whistle Brewing Co. as she walks us through Tin Whistle’s journey from measuring their environmental impact through to reducing their impact and becoming the first certified carbon neutral brewery in B.C. This talk is sure to inspire, and provide actionable steps that all breweries can take to tackle one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time- climate change.

The new owners of one of British Columbia’s oldest craft breweries have announced a new environmental focus for the company, as well as a new look for its beer line-up.

Tin Whistle Brewing was founded in 1995, and was purchased last October by married couple Alexis Esseltine and Timothy Scoon, who relocated to Penticton for a new start after losing their jobs due to COVID-19.

“We knew the brewery had a loyal following and a solid line up of beers,” says Scoon in a statement. “We also knew we could use our combined backgrounds in business, sales, operations and sustainability to update the brand in a way that integrated our passion for our customers, our new home of Penticton, and our environment.”

Building on Esseltine’s past work as Sustainability Manager at the Vancouver Aquarium, Tin Whistle has become one of province’s first certified carbon neutral breweries, a goal that was reached by reducing emissions and investing in forest projects and other initiatives that absorb carbon.

“This is us doing our part to address climate change and reduce global warming,” says Esseltine. “We knew we could make great beer, and we also knew we could lessen our impact. This is the first of many environmental changes for Tin Whistle Brewing on our journey to become more environmentally sustainable. Taste matters, and so does our impact.”

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