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Vessel Packaging Co


  • Evan Singer
    Evan Singer
    National Sales Manager, Vessel Packaging

    Evan Singer is Vessel’s National Sales Manager. Evan started in brewing with Molson Coors, spending 3 years in brewing operations and completing his Diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. Evan joined the BC Craft Beer community in 2016 as Parallel 49’s Production Manager, where he oversaw packaging operations and the shift from bottles to cans as the primary packaging “vessel”. For the past 3 years, Evan has been working with craft breweries across North America to optimize their can supply and canning operations.


Anvil Centre


Nov 08 2022


1:45 pm - 2:30 pm


Event 1

Canning Quality – Vessel’s Approach to Oxygen, Micro and Seams

Vessel Packaging helped jumpstart the shift in craft beer packaging from glass to cans by offering mobile canning services to breweries of all shapes and sizes. Join Vessel’s National Sales Manager, Evan Singer, and Mobile Canning Manager for BC, Paul McTigue, to learn about Vessel’s approach to managing canning quality. They will discuss the reasons why oxygen, microbiological contamination and seams need to be managed from a quality perspective, the tools and processes Vessel uses to control these factors, and best practices for you to follow whether working with a mobile canning service provider or canning in house.

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