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  • Imaima Robert
    Organizational Psychology Consultant & People Analyst, Jalapeño Employee Engagement

    Imaima Robert is an Organizational Psychology Consultant and Researcher. She helps
    organizations reach their full potential, working closely with employees to maximize
    engagement and their psychological safety in the workplace. She is highly experienced
    with creating healthy workplace cultures, recruitment, team development, and
    restructuring. She has used her experience to help organizations strengthen their
    culture, dynamics, and development. Imaima works closely with employees and
    leadership teams, providing coaching and training to create an environment where they
    can thrive. She has also been heavily involved in organizational volunteer consulting
    helping organizations strategize and maximize their people resources.
    Imaima holds a Bachelor’s degree in Natural and Environmental Science from the
    American University of Nigeria and a Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at
    Adler University, where her research focused on psychological safety and how it
    impacts employee wellbeing, performance and psychological capital.

  • Ritika Rana
    Management Analyst, Jalapeño Employee Engagement

    Ritika Rana is a Management Analyst who helps startups and SMEs optimize their
    operational efficiency, taxation practices and accountancy. With over 5 years of
    experience, she has been developing an expertise in business problem solving, team
    optimization and client relations. Leadership, mentorship, and entrepreneurship are
    three core values that have always intrigued her since childhood as she comes from a
    family where her parents and siblings have their own independent businesses.
    Therefore to live her values, she has been highly engaged as a mentor in the
    International Leadership & Mentorship Program, as Vice President in the Capilano
    Business & Professional Society and as a Board Member of the Capilano Alumni
    Association and BCODN. Ritika holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a
    post-baccalaureate diploma in North American Business Management (International
    Strategy and Entrepreneurship). She is currently working towards Pricing Analyst

  • Samin Saadat
    Samin Saadat
    Executive Director, Jalapeno Employee Engagement

    People’s brains, behavior and interactions with their environment never fail to impress
    Samin. After spending long hours in psychology research labs at UBC and completing
    her Master’s at Sauder School of Business, she entered the workforce and observed a
    gap between what research suggests and what companies actually do to increase
    productivity and profitability. With a Master’s of Management and B.A. in Psychology,
    enhanced by her research, problem-solving skills, and her practical work experience (in
    organizational development, employee engagement and management consulting),
    Samin supports both people and organizations in reaching their full potential and
    discovering the right mindset and the right environment.


Anvil Centre


Nov 09 2022


10:45 am - 11:30 am


Event 3

Wage Compensation Benchmark: A Cultural Influencer & A Retention Tool in the BC Brewing Industry

Together with BC Craft Brewers Guild, Jalapeno Employee Engagement intends to build mutual understanding and awareness of wage compensation as an effective tool for employee retention and reduction in employee turnover expenses through an interactive seminar. Participants will be able to engage in the seminar by sharing the perspectives on the next report they wish to see.

In this seminar, Jalapeno Employee Engagement will:

  • redistribute the Wage Compensation Survey Report and share overall insights and trends in the brewing industry
  • building awareness of current challenges with regards to wage compensation in the brewing industry
  • express intent to gather more participants for the next round of survey in 2022
  • educate on the importance of having more participants and input for the upcoming survey
  • inform attendees about upcoming feedback survey on the Wage Compensation Survey distributed

There will be an emphasis on participation and interactive activities, where attendees can leverage and build upon the knowledge and experiences of both themselves and their peers in the brewing industry.

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