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  • D Joshua Mayich
    D Joshua Mayich
    Darlings Island Farm

    Darlings Island Farm is a family-owned and operated hop farm that produces high-quality hops, with a focus on aroma hops. Darlings Island Farm is committed to evidence-based and community-focused farming. Research and development, industry-related expertise, as well as nurturing close relationships with the brewing community allows the farm to grow carefully while maintaining committed excellence at every step.View Full Bio


Li Room
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Oct 18 2019


2:45 pm - 3:45 pm

Moving beyond variety-by-name to flavour contributions in the hops industry: An evolved approach to integrating the brewing community

Traditional approaches to the trade and utilization of hops, as well as brewing, revolved mainly around hop varieties-by-name. Recent research, as well as well-documented novel approaches to brewing, have begun to demonstrate the importance of understanding hops as a means of providing flavour constituents and flavour active ingredients to beer. This talk will report the results of a recent beer drinker survey completed by Darlings Island Farm, as well as review the principles guiding the evolution of this way of thinking about hops. This talk is intended for hop growers, brewers (both commercial and home brewers), beer enthusiasts – anyone interested in the growing field of hop-related flavour science and trends!

Presented by the BC Hop Growers Association

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