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  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith
    Co-Founder, Townsite Brewing

    Townsite opened in 2012 and is building itself as a destination brewery on the Sunhsine Coast
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  • Jenn Vervier
    Jenn Vervier
    Persephone Brewing Co CEO

    After serving in a variety of positions over 25 years in the US craft brewing industry at New Belgium Brewing, Jenn recently joined Persephone Brewing on the Sunshine Coast as CEO. Persephone is a six-year-old “best for the world” B-Corp brewing on an 11-acre farm. In addition to brewing excellent beer like Persephone Pale Ale, Coast Life Lager and Dry Irish Stout, Persephone focuses on inclusive employment, regenerative agriculture, environmental advocacy and rural economic development.
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  • Nancy More
    Nancy More
    Program Founder, KPU Brewing

    Nancy More brewed her first beer 40 years ago and has been exploring and having fun in the brewing industry ever since. She started in the technical training program for Labatt Breweries and worked from one coast of Canada to the other in progressively more senior operations positions including being the first female head brewmaster in North America.
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  • Rebecca Whyman
    Rebecca Whyman
    Craft Beer Enthusiast

    Rebecca Whyman is a craft beer enthusiast. Formerly the beer columnist for CBC’s On the Coast, you can now read her beer musings (and rants) in The Growler.
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Oct 19 2019


2:45 pm - 3:45 pm

Diversifying the Marketplace

We will be untangling the myths around selling beer to a diverse customer base and providing concrete examples of what you can do today to sell more beer to more people. Appealing to anyone interested in reaching more women and queer consumers.  Let’s explore the folklore around why these folks aren’t interested in craft beer and figure out how to change that!

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