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  • Lizzie MacNeill
    Lizzie MacNeill
    Later PR & Partnerships Lead

    Founded as the first-to-market Instagram scheduler in 2014, Later (formerly Latergramme) has grown from a simple Instagram tool to the #1 visual marketing platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Now with over 2 million users globally, Later is a member of the Instagram Partner Program and a Pinterest Marketing Partner.View Full Bio


Li Room
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Oct 18 2019


1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

10 Tips for Increasing Instagram Engagement for your Business

Lizzie MacNeill, Later PR and Partnerships Lead

If you’re looking to market your brewery, Instagram is the ideal place to showcase your business to your target market. In this session, we’ll learn actionable ways to improve your Instagram marketing strategy that you can action right away. We’ll cover things like how to craft an aesthetic, attract followers, take advantage of new features and work with influencers.


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