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  • Blind Enthusiasm
    Blind Enthusiasm
    Blind Enthusiasm Brewing

    Operating since mid 2017, Blind Enthusiasm is driven by our passion for making great beer. We have two breweries making three distinct types of beer. At the Market brewery, we’re making crisp ales and lagers as well as complex barrel-aged beers. Our other brewery, the Monolith, is a facility designed from the ground up to create only barrel-fermented beer. We’re running one of the largest spontaneous fermentation programs in Canada.


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Oct 18 2019


4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Technical Tidbits from Blind Enthusiasm

Based in Edmonton and founded in 2017, Blind Enthusiasm has two specialized breweries: the Market brewery makes crisp ales and lagers as well as complex barrel-aged beers and The Monolith was designed from ground up to create only barrel-fermented beer. We run one of Canada’s largest spontaneous fermentation programs out of the Monolith.

In this talk we will touch on a variety of topics that are somewhat unique to our operations. We’ll be describing the turbid mashing process for all of our mixed fermentation and spontaneous beers, we’ll discuss cold dry-hoping using a HopGun, touch on our approach to step-mashing (which we use for all of our beers), and other items (provided we have time!) This talk should be of a value to brewers looking to learn more about old processes and techniques that have been re-imagined and applied in a modern brewery.


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