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Kegshare Canada

Kegshare is a keg service that rents and leases Kegs to Breweries, Cideries, and Wineries across Canada. Kegshare also assists in the logistics of moving kegs within a specific province or between provinces.

Kegshare is a fast, simple, and straightforward way to access kegs with several options to meet your unique needs. We purchase, maintain, and provide kegs so that you can continue to grow your sales at an exponential rate. Because the kegs you access are part of Canada’s fastest-growing fleet of kegs, common issues like cycle times and storage are vastly reduced compared to using your own kegs. We take on the struggles of asset purchasing and empty keg logistics so that you can focus on what’s important.

LOCATION: 9445 189 Street, Surrey, British Columbia V4N 5L8

OUR CONTACT: David Lauder
EMAIL: ac.erahsgekobfsctd@redual.divad

PHONE: 604-367-0070

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