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Mile 37 Craft Canning Co Inc

Mile 37 Craft Canning provides the sale of all things beverage can packaging. Whether it’s actual filling services, can decoration, beverage production consultation, or even the sale of can seamers, Mile 37 will help you along your way. We work with your company from the concept stage to fully established. We will go that extra mile for our customers!

Mile 37 has an official partnership with Crowler Nation. The Crowler is a 32oz or 24.5 oz can that can be filled with your craft beverage and seamed right at the source. Not only is the Crowler the most innovative way to package your beverage to go but it’s also cost effective and more sustainable. With a Crowler, you get a clean new aluminum package every time. This easy-to-fill can is not only portable it also keeps light out and carbonation in. This means a better beverage when you’re ready to enjoy it. The Crowler labels come standard or custom designed.

LOCATION: 1628 Kebet Way Unit 200, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5W9

NEW!!! SECOND LOCATION IN THE OKANAGAN. Available Monday to Friday by appointment only at this time. Call Rory ( see number below) to book.

PHONE: 778-216-0580 Direct

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