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Myrtle Meadows Hop Farm

Surrounded by stunning snow-capped mountains, the remote and picturesque Pemberton Valley has played a special role in our founders’ lives. The Milne family was first introduced to Pemberton Valley in 1984, when Rob, an aspiring entrepreneur in his early 30s, started a business selling burlap sacks to potato farmers. At the time, the land where Myrtle Meadows sits was owned by one of his first customers. Named after their first grandchild Myrtle, Rob and Diane Milne’s vision for their 277-acre farm is to transition it from a traditional, non-organic potato farm, into a sustainable and organic mixed use farm that operates in harmony with its environment. Inspired by the growing craft beer market in British Columbia, long-time Vancouver entrepreneur Rob Milne and his wife Diane purchased the land that has become Myrtle Meadows Farm in Pemberton, B.C. in 2016.

LOCATION: 9310 Hurley River Rd Pemberton, BC, V0N 2L2

OUR CONTACT: Eelco de Zwaan
PHONE: 604.219.1314

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