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Topp's Hops

Topp’s Hops planted its first plants in 2014 in response to the demand coming from our local craft beer scene. Operating out of Abbotsford, British Columbia, and in the heart of the Fraser Valley we grow 10 acres of 12 varieties on our home farm which houses our harvesting and processing equipment and facility with a capacity of up to 40 acres. We work with other local growers to contract, process, and distribute their crops accordingly. Every day we continue to learn and adapt as a farmer, processors, and wholesalers of quality hops doing our best to showcase B.C. as a world-class hop-growing region. We are a full-service hop farm that grows, harvests, processes, and distributes hop products to brewers of all sizes. Located in the heart of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

One of our main goals is to support and revitalize BC Hop Farming.

  • Helping Revive the British Columbia Hop Industry
  • Wet Brew Arrangements
  • Whole Cones
  • T90

LOCATION: 3768 Marion Rd, Abbotsford BC V3G 2J6

OUR CONTACT: Mark Topper
PHONE: 604 302 7224

SALES DESK: To receive our price list please email or call Doug Campbell (604) 928 2741.

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