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Trucent Inc

Trucent: Transforming Craft Brewing with Innovative Centrifuge Solutions
Headquartered in Dexter, Michigan, Trucent is a pioneering company that blends creativity and technology to revolutionize the craft beer industry. Since 1997, they have been a leader in centrifuge technology throughout North America, offering state-of-the-art solutions for fluid separation services.
Trucent’s commitment to sustainability and green chemistry is evident in every aspect of its operations. Their centrifuges address the challenge of achieving clarity in beer without compromising taste by removing particles as small as 0.5 microns, including proteins responsible for chill haze. This ensures bright and clear beer styles, meeting turbidity specifications without extra filtration.
Their versatile centrifuge technology also allows the production of hazy beers, enhancing shelf stability and eliminating unwanted issues like hop burn or pectin contamination. Craft brewers benefit from increased productivity by 30-50%, reduced labor costs, and shortened cellar time.
Trucent’s purpose-built centrifuges maintain beer quality, purity, aroma, and flavor, making them the perfect partner for craft brewers. With a shared commitment to sustainability and customer service, Trucent is changing the face of the craft brewing industry.

LOCATION: 7400 Newman Blvd., Dexter, Michigan 48103 USA

OUR CONTACT: Travis McCubbing
PHONE: (877) 280-7212

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