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Samin Saadat

Samin Saadat

Executive Director, Jalapeno Employee Engagement

“What Does it Take to Make High Quality Beer”?

|  Jalapeno Employee Engagement Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

We are Jalapeno, have the vision of building a world where you and your company reach full potential. We are committed to providing you with all the services and tools you need to tap into the unrealized potential of what the workplace can be and to drive happier, more engaged and more inclusive workplaces. We do this by leveraging technology and the science of psychology towards developing essential skills while creating a sustainable and humanized environment to enrich your team members’ lives. To fulfill our mission, we have a team of experts in Training, Consulting, Coaching, and Counselling that leverage our proprietary software to unlock the teams’ potential.

Jalapeno Employee engagement

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