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Stacey Forrester

Education Director & Co Founder, Good Night Out Vancouver

Stacey Forrester (she/her/hers) is Good Night Out Vancouver’s Education Director. Stacey is a former community health nurse and current consent educator and consultant. She works with venues, service and hospitality stakeholders, performers, and other businesses to help them protect their staff and patrons. For the last 10 years, Stacey has managed the Harm Reduction Services for the BC-based music festival, Bass Coast. 

Good Night Out is an established leader in safety and skill building in the area of sexual assault prevention and safer nights out. Their work in this area has led to partnerships with venues and establishments of all sizes, local governments, and many other stakeholders in the hospitality and entertainment sector. Read more about the work of Good Night Out in Flare, Vice, and on the CBC.

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